Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bruce's Flashback


"Will these people get help? Even if I cannot answer that question, one thing I now know: It fills me with hope and direction. It is more powerful than my fears and my doubts. I know that it is going to be my life's work to understand the engines of sexual dysfunction, to do my best to help the victims who have become the perpetrators of their of their own pain and the pain of others.

"It is suffering that consumes the room. I see it, taste it, and breathe it. I have come to recognize the common humanity I share with these abused people. I have been just like them, and I feel privileged--even blessed--that I will be able to listen to their stories, not as a superior, "better than" moralist, but as a comrade who has been shown the path of recovery and will found the willingness to walk down it. I will do my part to reveal that path to them as it was revealed to me."

When she finishes her presentation, Bruce drives back down the foggy hill. He knows that this is the beginning of his new life.

End of Chapter One
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