Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Acting out: The less Understood and Socialing Uforgivable Behaviors -- Voyeristic Sex (Part One)

As a culture, we then to stigmatize certain sexual acts or behaviors.  If a person's sexual templates and related behaviors lie in the less understood, acceptable, or unforgivable realms, recovery can prove even more of a challenge. The associated shame makes it that much more difficult to own, talk about, treat, or heal. I am not saying that we should condone such behavior, but that we should educate ourselves about the compulsiveness that generate it.

Voyeuristic Sex

Voyeurs are aroused through the visual stimulation, and voyeurism is a passiveness-aggressive acting out behavior. This kind of passivity-cloaking aggression originates at the time of the original childhood wounding, when the child's angry reaction to abuse needed to be camouflaged as as not to invite further abuse. Passive-aggressive is a common trait in most acting out behaviors, because such behaviors seek to replicate the conditions under which the original wounding took place -- with one critical change: The victim of the original abuse becomes the perpetrator. He seeks the power and control he did not have as a child, which he delusionally believes, will bring him pleasure and safety.

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