Thursday, April 17, 2014

Putting It into Practice (Part Three)

That inner knowing can then develop into a sense of congruence with the world. That sense of belonging, of feeling "at home," gives us the optimistic energy to perform our best work. For the first time in our lives, we feel that we are among friends. Our lives become conscious expressions of our fitness to be alive and health; we experience being present in a world that cares for us.

To live this blessing, we must be restored to wholeness; we must recover our preciousness so long buried beneath the rubble of our wounding. We must bring together all the recovery tools we have begun to use in therapy. These tools include the ability to know our emotional fears or blocks, the ability to communicate our needs and wants, and the willingness to be vulnerable and to share respectfully our knowledge of ourselves with our partners.

Sexuality is at the heart of our life force. It is our creative urge, and it is not expressed only through sexually explicit acts. Because our sexuality is so linked to the essence of who we are, it is inexplicably interwoven into our spirituality. Healthy sex supports the awakening of our soul, or inner knowing and truth. It opens the possibility of deeper connection with others. This does not mean that the spiritual connectivity of sexual intercourse is memorable because it is intensely pleasurable. When we willingly and consciously enter the act of lovemaking, we offer our precious humanity to the care of our partners, and we accept our partners' offer of their precious humanity for our own safekeeping. That is an awesome at of spiritual communion, and a responsibility not to be taken lightly. To betray it would plunge us sex addicts back to where we were when we were first betrayed, when we thought that love and betrayal were the same thing.


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