Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Divine (Last Chapter)

Ben had experienced a connected moment, which allowed for transformation and tranquility. It was a moment of deliverance for Ben, a deliverance from the bondage of addiction, disease, and darkness. Once awake, Ben's awareness surfaced often.

"I saw the most tender scene last week," Ben reported a few weeks later. "I was sitting at the coffee shop, and a little boy three years old approached a graying golden retriever. He was unafraid; the boy walked straight up to the animal and extended his hand. The dog struggled but rose to his feet. The boy backward away a few steps but allowed his hand to remain outstretched. For a few moments, both stood silent with locked eyes. And then the dog took one gentle step and lovingly licked the boy's fingertips. A slow smile emerged on the boy's face. It was a beautiful moment," he sighed.

Graceful moments surround us. Grace is a gift of divine energy given to us as an affirmation of our belonging. It tells us have a safe home.

We do not force it or will it to happen. When we stop and open ourselves to connection, grace abounds. And when grace abounds, we are well. As we heal from our wounds, we become more sensitive to the universal energies around us, and we vibrate with spiritual connection. The recognition of our congruence with spiritual connection is the greatest gift of living. In recovery, it is our responsibility to reclaim that gift.  


All that's left is book selections, websites, telephone numbers. 

I hope you enjoyed this, learned things that are helpful, and now understand more about certain behaviors when it comes to addictions, of any kind.

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